Free Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Tool for Powering Up PCs Remotely

This visual Wake-on-LAN utility allows powering up one or multiple network PCs with a single mouse click. It is ready to work in networks of any scale and automates WOL operations. It includes features for detecting MAC addresses of remote PCs and sending WOL packets to multiple PCs in parallel. Professional version allows you to extract MAC addresses from DHCP servers and schedule Wake-on-LAN tasks for automatic execution.

This Wake-on-LAN (WOL) utility allows you to power up network PCs quickly and easily. It automates all Wake-on-LAN stages from collecting MAC addresses to sending WOL packets and can be used in any kind of networks. The application is available in two editions.

WakeOnLan Free: Manual Wake Up of Network PCs

Free edition allows you to get a list of PCs from Active Directory or scan a workgroup to detect available PCs. During a scan it extracts MAC addresses from powered on PCs using four methods of MAC detection. You can select required PCs to send them Wake-on-LAN signal in order to power them up remotely. The Wake-on-LAN is initiated on multiple selected PCs simultaneously in order to reduce a wake up time.

You can configure the application to use broadcast, unicast, directed broadcast and other WOL transmission methods in order to wake up PCs over subnets.

WakeOnLan Professional: Automated Wake-on-LAN

Professional edition helps you to automate Wake-on-LAN operations. It includes an option to extract MAC addresses from Microsoft DHCP servers, so it is able to detect MAC addresses for all PCs quickly, even if they are turned off. It allows to create Wake-on-LAN tasks with preconfigured WOL settings and execute them manually or automatically on schedule.

Wake-on-LAN tasks can be executed for a fixed or dynamic set of PCs. The fixed set of WOL targets includes particular PCs defined manually, while dynamic set is reported by execution of a specified Active Directory query. Wake-on-LAN scheduler included in this edition allows to configure WOL tasks through the visual editor, so you can create one-time and recurrent tasks that will be executed automatically.

EMCO WakeOnLan Features and Advantages

What is the difference between EMCO WakeOnLan and other Wake-on-LAN utilities? EMCO WakeOnLan is designed to wake up multiple PCs simultaneously and it is ready to work in large networks. If you are looking for reliable Wake-on-LAN tool for a corporate network, you can benefit from features listed below.

Wake-on-LAN Across Subnets

Depending on your network configuration you can use different methods of WOL packet transmission. In particular you can use any of broadcast, unicast, directed broadcast and other transmission methods in order to deliver WOL packets to PCs located in the same or different network subnets. Also you can specify custom remote UDP port, if required.

Wake-on-LAN Tasks Scheduling

Using Professional version of the application you can completely automate Wake-on-LAN operations for entire organization. It allows you to create WOL tasks with list of PCs and settings and schedule them for one-time execution at a defined date/time, and for recurrent execution. You can manage scheduled tasks though intuitive visual interface.

Flexible WOL Targets Configuration

In the Professional edition you can create WOL tasks that can be executed manually or scheduled. These tasks include WOL targets defined by selected PCs or Active Directory queries. Queries are executed every time before the WOL execution in order to report actual set of PCs, for example all PCs from a particular Organization Unit in Active Directory.

Automatic MAC Address Detection

You don't need to specify MAC addresses for PCs to wake them up. MAC addresses are detected automatically for turned on PCs using Neighbor Discovery, NetBIOS, WinAPI and WMI methods. The Professional edition is also able to extract MAC addresses from Microsoft DHCP, so MAC addresses can be detected quickly for all PCs, even if they are not turned on.

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