MAC Address Scanner

MAC Address Scanner: Free MAC Addresses Detection Tool

A free MAC scanner that allows to retrieve MAC addresses from network computers available in the local network. It can perform MAC scanning in domains, workgroups and across subnets in entire network. MAC addresses are retrieved using the best suitable mechanism for a particular network configuration. Collected information can be exported to CVS and XML files and in order to be used by external tools.

MAC scanner allows you to retrieve MAC addresses from computers located in the local network. Collected MAC addresses identify every network node uniquely and can be used by various network tools, such as Wake-on-LAN and some security utilities. If you like to use any of these tools, an automatic MAC scanning can save many hours of your work, because manual collection of MAC addresses is a very time-consuming task. EMCO MAC Address Scanner allows to save your time - it automatically detects MAC addresses for all network computers quickly and easily.

During a network enumeration EMCO MAC Address Scanner detects all PCs available workgroups, domains and different subnets. For every detected PC the application extracts MAC address information using different methods. To ensure a highest possible performance, first it tries to extract MAC addresses from network protocols, and if it's failed, MAC addresses are detected by contacting PCs directly, so even large networks can be scanned really quickly. Collected MAC addresses can be exported for using in other tools and utilities.

EMCO MAC Address Scanner Advantages

You can detect MAC addresses of remote PCs using different methods and utilities. Usually they utilize only one MAC address detection technology and fail in complex cases when you need, for example, to perform MAC scanning across subnets or scan multiple network groups with different administrative accounts. EMCO MAC Address Scanner is enterprise-ready tool that can be used successfully in all kind of networks. Using it you can benefit from following features.
Multiple MAC Address Detection Methods

The application uses different methods to detect MAC addresses of network PCs. They are based on Neighbor Discovery, WinAPI, WMI and NetBIOS technologies. Every known MAC detection method has its own limitations, so the application tries multiple methods one-by-one for every PC until MAC address will be detected successfully.

Collected Data Exporting to XML and CSV

The application allows to export collected MAC addresses to CSV and XML files, so MAC scanning results can be used by external tools, such as Wake-on-LAN utility, for example. Flexible export wizard allows you to customize export formats and exported data. It allows you to export MAC addresses for particular PCs, group of PCs or the entire network.

MAC Scanning Across the Entire Network

Using multiple MAC detection methods allows to collect MAC addresses from entire network. The application can extract information about network structure from the Active Directory and perform MAC scan on detected PCs. It also can scan Windows workgroups and collect MAC addresses from all subnets within the entire local network.

Flexible Credentials Management

Some MAC detection methods require you to have an administrative access to remote PCs in order to be used. The application allows to setup alternative credentials, used for accessing network groups or particular PCs. For example, you can setup different accounts for different workgroups. These accounts can be configured once and stored securely.

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